Philip Bird wrote

“The Earth has been quite a success”

said God,”but I have to confess

The creation of Man

rather buggered the plan

For he makes such a terrible mess.”


I have been reading the ContraryGoddess blog.

What is happening now looks scary, perhaps like chaos but it has every potential to be a paradigm shift. If we as a society can shift our mind set and recognize this as an opportunity rather than a threat, we can create a subsistence economy that is thriving, resilient and abundant — a much better place to live than our current alienated consumer greed based culture that is dependent on war and perpetual growth. But to get there, you (yes, even you) are going to have to get outside your comfort zone.  ”

  Her life seems hard work but they are happy.  This is what I am working towards for myself and my family.

I reccomend her blog.


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