Monthly Archives: September 2008

Hello world!

I have been feeling comfortable in the world today.  Did this make it easy for a neighbour to hug me at the supermarket and tell me she loved my garden with its topiary heart?   I told her that  when I trim the heart and look after it, I feel  I am looking after my own heart, myself and my life.  I know that if I have time to care for it I have time to care for me.  I grew it from a cutting I was given as a love token. When that love broke I was tempted to let the heart grow wild or  to cut it down but no, I  tended it and both it and my heart are fine.

 The morning walk gave me blackberries and spiders webs ; not just those like lace shawls snagged on the blackberry brambles but perfect circles, with a spider at each bullseye, all jewelled with dew.



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